Increase Your Business Understanding Through Business Coaching
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Free Consultation & Web Page Audit
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Receive In Addition to the Package Offer
  • 1 Free 30-Minute Consultation with a Partner of the Firm
  • Website audit (homepage) for one website sent to you via email.
Free Consultation
We offer a 30-minute free no obligation consultation to talk to one of our consultants. The consultation is booked at a time that is convenient to you and you are free to discuss any issues or ask any questions about your business.
Free Website Audit
Get a detailed web audit of your homepage which not only tells you the issues but helps you make the necessary changes to increase the performance and SEO of your site.
Offers and Services are only available for Canadian businesses.
Business Coaching Packages Versus Consulting For Your Business
If you are a business owner or stakeholder in a business and prefer one-on-one help while gaining the skills versus having someone just perform a set of work for you, then dealing with business issues through coaching is more likely for you.

The issue with consulting in many cases is that when work is completely done for you by someone outside your business is the ability to support the work after the consultant is gone.

With business coaching you are learning the skills so you can perform the work that you as the owner should be doing and utilizing consulting for those items that you would not do yourself or will be done by an employee.

Our business coaching packages also help your cash flow as our payment structure is on a monthly basis versus paying a down payment and a lump sum at the end of the engagements.
    Business Strategy Coaching
    Offer: Additional Analysis on current financials
    Value:  $300.00
    • 19 (2-hour) sessions which covers developing your future state goals both business & personal and all areas of your business including finance, marketing, sales, go to market strategy, hr, operations, management, leadership, communications & risk management
    • Deliverables include business strategy model completed, gap analysis, strategy map, balanced scorecard, and budget
    General Business Coaching
    Offer: Additional 2 hour coaching session
    Value:  $300.00
    • Starts with questionnaire to provide analyss on areas of concern
    • Initial session to review analysis and set action plan for coaching sessions
    • Minimum of 6 sessions, with additional sessions purchased by month (2 sessions) or discounted for additional package
    • Final review session which provides recommendations for next steps for the business
      Digital Marketing Strategy Coaching
      Offer: 2 Hours Consulting
      Value:  $270.00
      • 14(2-hour) sessions which covers developing your future state for your digital marketing and looking at gaps along with learning how to utilize web, SEO, social media, email marketing, online advertising, blogs, tools and utilize metrics in your go forward strategy.
      • Deliverables include digital marketing plan, calendar, budget,strategy map, balanced scorecard
        Marketing Strategy Coaching
        Offer: 2 Hours Consulting
        Value:  $270.00
        • 14(2-hour) sessions which covers developing your future state for your marketing and looking at gaps along with setting your strategy by developing your corporate brand, market analysis, target markets, products & services, pricing, placement, promotion.
        • Deliverables include marketing promotional plan, calendar, budget,strategy map, balanced scorecard
        Our Coaching Packages
        More About Our Offerings
        Facilitation offers a neutral third party which can help facilitate meetings in your business where you want to work as a team but need someone from the outside to help guide the agenda and deliverables.

        Training is for those who are looking to get step by step training lead by a trainer  onsite or provided locally. We are starting to develop online courses as well which can be taken at your leisure.
        Facilitation & Training
        Business Consulting is for when you are looking for someone to perform certain work for you.  We also offer "work with you consulting" which is combination of business coaching and consulting where we help you so you can perform some of the work to help you learn which in turn reduces the cost for you as well.
        Advisory Services are more like coaching but they are provided on an ad-hoc or on demand basis.  If you are only looking for 1-2 hours of help as required, we have our Business Helpline Services.  If you are looking for help on a regular basis, then our Business Health Advisory Services can provide that level of help for you and your business.
        Advisory Services
        Business Consulting
        Find Out How We Can Help Your Business
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